Friday, April 10, 2009

Ikelite ROCKs !

I am often asked by my underwater photo students for help in their decisions on what camera or other underwater photographic equipment they are considering obtaining. A few weeks ago, I got a 'rash' of such inquiries and all had similar wants and budgets in mind.
So, I went on-line and began window shopping to see what was 'out there' that met their requirements. A couple were buying their first cameras and the others were upgrading.
I came up with two cameras each made by different makers that did the job. The next step was to find a housing and as it turned out Ikelite made a very well built and competitively priced housing, so I had my suggestions in my mind and gave my recommendations.
One of 'my guyz', Connie, bought the camera and the Ikelite housing and we discovered that one control was not functioning. I have a couple good contacts at Ikelite so called them, and, they asked that we return the housing to them, which we did.
They fixed the problem and did so by installing a new 'one-off' control. Which I have named the 'Connie Control'. Ikelite explained that the 'Connie Control' works, but, less reliably at greater depths. And it not being flawless in total functionality is the reason why they won't be installing it on the rest of their inventory of this housing. However it does enable us some functionality of the camera control and thus solved our problem. Ikelite did this without any hassle to us, and without any costs, and did it promptly. There were a couple e-mails back and forth that Ikelite responded to immediately.
I've had other similar experiences with Ikelite and their customer service, and in my opinion, Ikelite sets the standard. It is simply the best I've ever experienced in the diving and UW photography industry.
In one other instance, for example, they Fed-Ex'ed a $5 part to a student and I, who was leaving for Micronesia a few days later! No charge, no problem. There are other instances, examples, of their stellar customer service, and, if you've been at this diving and UW photography biz very long; have likely heard of some of these.
This ended with a happy photo student and a working UW camera system. And thanx to Ikelite, Jean and Brett specifically, at Ikelite.
Ikelite makes good quality products and delivers, when needed, the best in customer service. I can highly recommend Ikelite.
I am happy to give credit where credit is due, and it sure is in this case! Thanx again, Ikelite, you ROCK!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In memory and in regard to Hugh

Excuse me for this post, as I started my blog for fun and to be about scuba diving and underwater photography and its life-style and for the fun of it. In this instance, I am going to take a risk and deviate.

I am also risking blogging while having a beer, so please excuse any typos etc I may make in this emotional moment for me.

Today is April 1st and had Hugh McArthur lived he would be 40 years old today.

As many of you are, Hugh was a friend of mine. He was also a fine young scuba diver and instructor when I met him over 10 years ago. Great with his students of scuba and a great guy to work with and friend to hang out with.

He died diving in the Bahamas, eight years ago, but no one under his guidance did. His body was never recovered, even though US Navy divers looked.

I miss him. So in my memory of him and in regard for him , I took advantage of my blog platform to say so.

Hugh is worth the risk.

Thanx guys for allowing me this. He was a cool guy and I miss him.


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