Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthdays, Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, old and new friends

When I started this blog couple of years ago, I did so in part for the pure enjoyment of it. It sounded kinda fun.  Blogging about what I do. Quite a bit, well, to me at least, has occurred these past 'couple-three' weeks. I have been in the midst of my life's work, providing my diving and underwater photographic services to a wonderfull mother/daughter team of scuba divers, Joan and daughter Margo. They seemed to me to be among the epitome of those who can personify the spirit and fun of scuba diving. I've included some photographs of them in this blog as examples of what I write about. 

Since my last blog I also had the opportunity to work with an underwater photographer, Denise, who in a past life of hers engaged in the profession of underwater photography in the Bahamas. She moved away from that, becoming an attorney, but, recently acquired a housed dSLR camera system. Her fiance engaged me to help her learn these new ropes and as a birthday gift to her. Denise arrived as both an accomplished photographer and scuba diver, as she was an instructor in the aforementioned other life. My 'job' more or less, was to help her transition into her new camera system. I have included some of her images and hope you enjoy them.

During the course of my dives with Joan, Margo and Denise, an old friend appeared on the scene, Capt. Mike Brooks. Lots of water has passed under the keels of dive boats with he and I on their decks and it was a pure joy to have him as Captain again. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivers among the best of dive briefings when on board. Mike is truely one of the old timers here having been raised here and living his life as a scuba instructor, dive boat captain, and now engaged in the boat survey business. Mike is pictured in this blog with Denise.

A few days ago my birthday arrived, and I will excercise discretion and not divulge which one it was. Within a day or two of my birthday, another, friend and diving legend, Dick Rutkowski, had his birthday. Dick is not sitting beside me, as I write this, so discretion is tossed aside and it was his 80th. Dick was literally the first person I met when I arrived in Key Largo 16-17 years ago and he, in my eye and mind, has not changed one bit. A nice party was held for him on the 13th. In addition to many other of his character attributes, Dick has a lot of charm and a photograph of this portrayed is below. Thank you Jennifer for the pose.

I received lots of well-wishes around and for my birthday from many friends, students, dive clients, and family. One example is what I characterise as a work of art, sent to me by Connie Z, one of my very best 'guyz'. She is continually taking her diving and underwater photography to newer and higher levels and is engaged in an extensive Photoshop for photographers course. She crafted a birthday 'card' for me while practicing some of her newly learned skills. I could not resist not displaying her work in this blog.

I will conclude this blogpost, written early this morning, over coffee, by thanking Everyone. Including my new friends, Joan, Margo, Denise, my long time friends, like Mike and Connie, and all others who wished me well during my birthday. I had a good birthday. I was scuba diving, with my camera, and with people I liked! I even managed a couple lucky grab shots (pictured below). I hope the images in this blog depict the good times to be had when scuba diving, engaged in underwater photography and with friends both new and old. To me, it is always an incredible experience!  Thank You.  lg

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