Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Living on island time, I believe we are in the fall of our year.  It has been almost a month since I last blogged, and amazing how time, even island time, flies.  So, for what it's worth here are some dive and photo related musings!  Enjoy:

Business typically slows down a bit after Labor day and this year was, for me, no exception.  However it went from slow to slammed when October began and this was my first (though unobserved at the time) instance of some bipolar events to come.  The next was our weather during much of October.  While we have so far been mercifully spared any hurricanes, our weather has none the less been psycho-like.

We experienced periods of dry, calm summer-like conditions to dark, windy, rainy and dreary conditions atypical of our climate.  Both above and below the water.  And this shift occurred on a daily basis.  Pictured are four examples, two topside and two underwater of what I am writing about.

I've heard it said that Key Largo is where 'weird turns pro' and if true we are pretty good at dealing with it!  One way is to simply have a party and one was held by our local Divers Direct in appreciation of and for their customers (to my customers- don't get any ideas, I appreciate ya but...).  Pictured below is the food laid out for us one Friday evening.  Thank you Brenda, Pam and Mike, who speared, grilled and shared with us hogfish snapper and grouper.

The new month of October brought me new students of scuba and underwater photography.  I am a consumate tourist myself and when I have my camera am always snapping away.  Below are my 'new guys' hard at 'work'! 

It wasn't all work and we had some fun along the way, the psychoman-like weather notwithstanding.  I even learned a new trick or two and about trick photography.   We came across the usual subjects and one not so usual subject.  Pictured below is a rare sighting of a great Hammerhead shark.  Is it real or is it Memorex.  I'll let you decide :)


I am a wide angle guy at heart.  So, even I went a bit psycho when I flippantly abandoned my WA lens and descended to the depths in quest of the smaller subjects to shoot or shoot the usual subjects with my Macro lens.  Below is what I came up with: 

Don't worry, later I returned to normal (if there is such a thing) and reverted back to my old workhorse and familiar friend, my wide angle lens.  I've always loved the corals and their colours which inspired me to learn to dive.  I still do and never pass up a chance to photograph them.


I can't end this blogpost without saying a special thanx to my new guys, Donna, Cameron and Al.  We made the most and the best of the conditions during our time here.  I also think we were most successfull! We got to know each other and had some fun. Congrats to you 'guyz'.  One more parting shot, until the next time I blog my musings, lg

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