Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congratulations to Connie!

Hello Everyone!

This morning I blog being both very proud of and so very happy for one of my 'guyz', Connie.
Connie entered Beneath the Sea's Underwater Photography Competition. Beneath the Sea is one of the world's largest consumer SCUBA shows and each year conducts one of the world's largest UW photo competitions with thousands of participants. Connie participated in the 'Conservation' category and received an honorable mention!

I think this is huge and am so thrilled and excited about it. I could not help but make a blog post congratulating her and to also express how happy and proud I am for and of her. 

Connie initially became interested in UW photography due to her concern over the condition of our undersea environment. Her early subjects were and still are of distressed and diseased corals and other marine and aquatic life. It was fitting therefore that she entered her photograph in the conservation category. She e-mailed me this thought about her image: "I like the picture they chose because even though the shark is wounded it is still so proud and magnificent and knows it was the good one in the encounter." I like that.

Connie uses and shoots a Canon dSLR housed in an aluminum housing made by Watershot Inc. Watershot also made a congratulatory blog post about Connie's victory and you can read theirs by following the link to their blog from here:  .

To view all of the winning images from the BTS competition open this link:

Here is her image:
And some others of her on the boat, underwater and one taken at BTS's event:

To enjoy more of her photography visit her website: 

Connie is somewhat shy and humble about her photography and about herself as an UW photographer. So I suspect I am embarrassing her and apologize in advance.  But I wanted to congratulate her and brag a bit about this none-the-less! 

For those of you who know Connie, join with me and be happy for her accomplishment.  Congrats Connie!


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adding to my splendid collection of ordinary photographs

Hello fellow bloggers,

During my last couple of outings, I had the great fortune of diving with two of my long time 'guyz',  Greg and Connie.  Most of the dives we did we were shooting Macro lenses.  Macro lenses are a 'hoot to shoot'!   We three all used Canon dSLRs, housed in Watershot and Ikelite housings, strobed by Ikelite, Inon and Sea and Sea.  The Macro lenses used were Canon's EF-S 60mm and their EF-100mm Macros.

I even managed to add a few photographs to my splendid collection of ordinary photographs in the process.

Here is a peek:

Thank you Connie and Greg!  We had great dives together and in good conditions for both diving and doing underwater photography.   It was also my great pleasure to photo-dive with you both :)  lg 

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