Monday, February 14, 2011

January/February 2011 "Winter..."

Hello Bloggers!

Whether anyone else does, I thought it time to do another blogpost.  So here goes:

For those living in the Florida Keys, we are all painfully aware that winter is here.  This year winter arrived early (for us) and at the beginning of December.  For those reading this that do not live in the Florida Keys, I am sure I am not receiving any sympathy.  I suppose it does not matter where I , or anyone, lives, it is safe to say none of us scuba divers are fond of winter. 

It is not all bad and could be worse.  Attached is a photograph sent to me by one of my 'guyz', Michael Fulayter of what winter can be and is like in climes further north of the Florida Keys.

Obviously not all bad because we don't have the 'white stuff' here in Key Largo.  Also not all bad because I had the great pleasure of working with both some new 'guys' and a 'couple-three' of my regular 'guyz'.  And shared the reef with some of my local friends and peers.  Pictured below are Alan and Anne who came to work with me on their photography before their trips to Belize and Wakatobi. 

Connie, one of my most frequent 'fliers' was back and as usual, shooting the eyes outta everything!

One of my most favorite and fellow instructor, Louis, was on the boat working with his student and treating us to his pineapple after our dives.

 Another regular shooter of mine, Susanne, was also escaping the northern winter (in South Dakota) and came down with her new Macro lens and gave it a go:

We also had some unexpected visitors on our reefs, the Portuguese Man-O-Wars, and to the extend they carpeted the reefs so densely there were times when we could not dive.  As such they became part of each day's reef report.
Year after year, I am the most viscious of complainers about winter.   Yet without it, I suppose I would not meet or see the people that I do meet and see.  For another example, each winter one of my 'heros' Dr Morgan Wells shows up down here.  He is among the pioneers of diving and was a diver on the Sea Lab projects back in the early and mid 1960s.  I was a teen-ager then and totally engrossed by that project.  How thrilling for me, decades later, then to meet and become friends with one of those divers.

So, while I hate winter, I suppose without it, what would I have to blog about today?  I am still diving with my guyz, new and long time, diving with my friends, hanging out with mentors, taking my photographs and all in good health.  Getting that dry suit that I blogged about earlier has made a huge difference in how happy I am these days on the boats during this time of year.

I am thankfull and thank you all for reading my blog and being part of what I do.  Here is a parting shot, until next time. lg


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