Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter is coming to the Keys....

We do have 'seasons' here in Key Largo. From a scuba diver's and underwater photographer's perspective, I think two. Summer time, pictured above and winter. Not all our diving days are like the one pictured above, and 'winter' is coming.
We got a preview of it the past two weeks with winds blowing and gusting to over 30 mph. This built big waves to heights of 8 feet and taller. Given what I do, we do, these are not 'diving days', no matter how bad we would love to go. 'Winter' is like that.
Scuba diving is an outdoor recreational activity and like all other outdoor activities, our ability to recreate scuba diving is weather dependent. In other words it depends on the weather, whether we will be able to go scuba diving. I strongly disslike winter, the worst two months of it are January and February. It is windy, cold, big seas, reduced visibility and on many days, not very much, if any, fun.
This is a disappointment to me, as I love diving too. It is also a disappointment to those (some reading this) who come here to dive and the weather will not cooperate. So, when that happens what can a diver do?
The Florida Keys is essentially all about diving and fishing, or other 'on the water' activities. As such there is not a lot 'to do' if a person cannot get out on the water.
Because of this I am strained at times to recommend some other fun thing to do, because the build up of the Keys was to support these activities. So, mostly, we have restaurants, bars and places to stay. Not a lot goes on 'on-land'. Or is there?
As mentioned such weather happened recently and I found myself taking my own suggestions and recommendations on alternative activities. I discoverd I had a lot of fun and while not diving certainly took my mind off my not being able to dive.
Scroll down and check them out!

Take a road trip and explore the Keys!

and go shopping !!

Visit Dolphins Plus and interact with Dolphins!

Visit the History of Diving Museum!

Visit the Turtle Hospital!
Visit Mote Marine Research Lab!

and have a cookout with friends!
and hang out with fellow divers and friends and 'talk' diving!
or build a zoom ring gear for your favorite but unsupported lens!

or refresh some rusty Scuba Skills at the pool!

OR, just hang out by the pool!

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