Thursday, December 10, 2009


I figured that if you are like me at all, and you likely are or you would not be reading 'my blog', that my titling this blogpost 'FOOD' would get your attention.

I'm a major food-a-holic and should weigh much more than I do because of it. I love food, both the eating of it and the cooking of it. So do most my friends and hopefully all of you reading this.

I'm proud to present in this blogpost 'Captain Pete's Banana Pepper Mustard'! This stuff ROCKS, guyz! Good-bye grey poupon. Because Capt Pete's Mustard is the real deal!

Captain Pete is a friend of mine here in Key Largo and is a boat captain who recently moved back to Key Largo from working in the Bahamas. And since then, started making this kick-ass mustard and makes it available to food-a-holics like me.

Capt Pete is just getting rolling with his mustard so it is not yet nationally distributed. But, if you are in Key Largo, you can get your jar of it at the Galley, just upstairs from Sharkey's Pub and next to Ocean Divers. If you are not in Key Largo, but, are coming, put getting a jar of this 'stuff' on your list. And while you are buying Capt. Pete's mustard, have some food at the Galley, dive with Ocean Divers and enjoy an adult beverage at Sharkeys afterwards. Thank me later!

Congrats Capt Pete on a great idea and recipe and best of luck with it.


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Great Christmas Gift Idea!

Hello Everyone!

and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

I've been such a slacker with my blog lately so am going to try to fix that and beginning now.

I am going to make a 'plug' for what I think is a cool thing! Pictured above are two hand-made gel candles that are scented. The person who hand makes these is a friend of mine and also one of my students of scuba. She is very talented. She is also a very hard worker and makes these in addition to her full-time job and alongside of another part time job.

I have the two pictured above and they are very kewel. She buys shells and sand and the other materials and puts her loving touch to each candle by carefully placing each shell.

Some reading this might think it a bad thing to be using shells 'taken' from the Sea. However, to those who are; know that nothing was living in these shells at the time they were collected.

Additionally shells are beautiful things. But unless you live or travel to where they are found, you will never have the chance to see them. So, PC aside, these candles allow people who might enjoy shells, but, who do not get a chance to see shells, the opportunity to do so.

Also these candles help a very hard-working young woman earn her way in life! They make great candles for your own home and I believe a nice gift for Christmas for some one special in your life.

Here is the link so you can get these:

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


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