Saturday, July 27, 2013

Return to Bonaire, 2013 !

Hello Everyone,

Well I am finally getting around to blogging about a trip diving I took to Bonaire with three good people and friends last January.  This was my second, and I hope not my last trip to Bonaire.

My first trip was in 2010 and details about Bonaire and that trip can be found here:

This trip was very much the same as my first time and am glad to report it was.  We, Wendy, Ann and Alan and I stayed at Buddy Dive Resort and our resort reservations were again handled by Andy of Bonaire Pros.  Thank you Andy for getting us all adjacent rooms. 

We flew from Atlanta and on Delta Airlines direct, non-stop leaving on Saturday and returning the following Saturday.  Our departure time on Saturday was late enough to allow us the chance to dive on Friday morning, so we had six days available for diving.  We also arrived in Bonaire early enough in the day to have ample time to get checked in, moved in, relax and have happy hour before dinner. 

Buddy Dive still has their all you can eat buffet breakfast, which was included in our package and was sufficient enough for me to carry me thru to dinner time.  BDR still has a wonderfull 'house-reef' and this time featured part of their newly established reef restoration project.  Buddy Dive runs three single tank dive trips each day at convenient times and other multi-tank boat dives can be easily arranged. 

I went to Bonaire this time as much to just relax and escape the cold high plains winter as I did to scuba dive and do UW photography.  It was a luxury just to do a dive any time of day or night that I felt like it, whenever I felt like it, and on the other hand, to not dive.  I did 11 or 12 dives while the rest of the gang did 16 or more.  We had beautifull weather for vacationing and for diving our whole time there.  We missed a solid week of rain which happened and ended just before we arrived. 

Buddy Dive has different accomodations and again we opted for the 'apartment' style.  I recommend this choice.  BDR is a major property on island but its layout makes finding your way around easy and everything is close enough to easily walk to.  

The dive operation is very professional and helpful and most friendly.  Smiles from evereyone all the time.  I can say the same thing about the rest of the staff there.  Groundskeepers, housekeepers, bar and restaurant staff.  Top notch.  Food is good and they have upgraded their menu and were constantly asking us whether we were happy with our entrees.     

The diving in Bonaire is about as easy as it gets, as long as you dive either from the boats or from any of the island's resorts' house-reefs.  Depths range from 15 to a bit over 100 fsw. With calm seas, void of current, good visibility and easy entries and exists.  And the water temperature was 82 degrees.  Like last time I was fine in a 3mm shorty.  Had I done more diving I would reco a full one piece 3mm suit. 

Here are some photos snapped during the trip.  Last year we went to Roatan, in February, with some others and Allan celebrated his B-Day.  This year while in Bonaire, Wendy celebrated hers! 

Between my first blog on Bonaire and this one, I hope any of you reading these will find your way to Bonaire.  And my tips, suggestions, and experiences will help you plan your trip there.  lg

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