Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A real Thrill with an old Friend!

Two Fridays ago, I had the opportunity while conducting an advanced underwater photography course to dive with an old friend, Captain Spencer Slate, who 30 years ago started his dive center here in Key Largo. ( )
In my opinion, Capt Slate is somewhat of, if not in fact, a legend or icon in the receational diving community. I won't list all his accomplishments or kudos or contributions for they are easy to find with a moderate effort and on-line. However, Captain Slate for years was the national director of the YMCA Scuba Program (now gone..) And among the things he did that made his mark was to conduct 'critter feeds'.
For some years, Slate has conducted a 'critter feed' and that was the occasion that brought me back to diving with him again. My student and I needed some 'action photography' and we found it during the 'critter feed dive' conducted by Captain Slate. It was a treat that he actually conducted the event and a bonus that another friend, Frazier Nevins, renowned UW videographer, was on the scene as well.
The event is very exciting and high voltage and entertaining. It is also educational in that Capt Slate uses the opportunity to educate and inform those joining him in this event. It was a thrill for me to dive again with my old friend and a thrill for my underwater photography student to experience this type of 'in your face' interaction with the critters that Slate conjurs up during these feeds.
I'd encourage anyone reading this to participate in this. They are conducted each Friday and Sunday and the link above gives more of the particulars. If any of you do, tell Slate that I sent ya!
All kinds of critters show up: beginning with Yellow-tail Snappers, then Black Groupers, then a Barracuda, not long after a good sized Goliath Grouper (aka Jewfish) and most times more than a couple Nurse Sharks! All of them eager for a handout !

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Congrats to Clark M, underwater photographer

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with a creative young person, Clark, and teaching him about underwater photography here in Key Largo over Labor Day weekend. Clark more than successfully completed the performance requirements of PADI's specialty course: 'Underwater Photographer'.
I enjoy working with all my underwater photography students, whether in a 'formal' class setting or in a workshop or seminar-like environment. For some reason, however, and I am sure it is just me, the young(er) people coming to me, seem to have an element of creativity, that if I ever had it, it has faded with time and over the years. Clark is one among those of you with an imagination and a creative characteristic about him.

He has his humility so am only posting a couple of his shots and not his best works, as those are for him to share.
Good job, Clark and congrats! lg

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