Friday, August 5, 2016

My latest book is available now to pre-order at Amazon!

This is a very rough announcement just to get the word out for now.  Will be editing and elaborating later, but, for now here is the link-  (clicking on the image should take you to my book at Amazon)

I am very pleased with how well this book turned out.  A special thanks to my editor Barbara Lynch-Johnt who took my mortar and bricks (text and photos) and created such a wonderful building that can be used by underwater photographers progressing through the endeavor.  I believe this book will be enjoyed by non-divers as the imagery included covers most things we divers and UW photographers typically see.

What follows is the editing (of this blogpost) and elaborating (on this new book) promised earlier and above:

My first book, "The Beginners Guide to Underwater Digital Photography" covered the basics or fundamentals of taking photographs underwater.  A 'starter' on cameras used and settings and their relationships, along with composition and subject matter.  My second book, "Advanced Underwater Photography" was a follow-on or sequel to the first.  It defined equipment choices and the book was augmented by engaging other photographers lending their thoughts and techniques.  This book is image based and the text describes in detail the image and its making.  In a sense it is journalistic. It answers questions such as: 'What is it?' What type of camera and or lens was used?' 'What strobe(s) if any was used?'.  'What camera and or strobe settings were selected?'  In many cases, 'Where was the photograph taken?'  In addition there are sections in the work that I think differentiate this book from others.  One section speaks to using the cell phone's camera for UW photography, another speaks to taking UW photographs in fresh bodies ofwater or green water environments.  Yet another section gives some tips on how to take specific types photographs.  Given the high image to text ratio, this book is of value to non-divers and those not participating in UW photography and will provide enjoyment in the 'coffee table book' context. 

Order a copy.  For yourself, a loved one or a friend!   Aloha, Larry

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